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    We make
    Your dreams
    Come true

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    Dark glow of your family secrets
    Get previous version here for free: MAC | WIN

    The main seduction game

    Close feelings and misterious things - all this world created for realising your dreams
    A fascinating plot will not let you go for a minute
    Discover this alluring world with all obsession and passion of it
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    Mirror of your office desires
    Get previous version (v0.31) here for free

    The office seduction game

    Wonderfull world is here to make your dreams true
    Be ready to discover secrets of a very strange company
    Tons of quests and hidden miracles are here to touch your mind
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    Fire up your school cloud-castles
    Get previous version (v12.5) here for free
    MAC | WIN

    The College Seduction game

    Amazing college world with his dirty secrets opens door to you
    Be ready to persuade, manipulate, control and seduct students
    Unlinear plot will bring you spicy taste of enjoyment

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